Unsolicited Text Messages and Faxes

As households throughout the country get rid of their landlines in favor of only using cellphones, telemarketers and scam artists are adapting to keep reaching their targets.

You may not realize this, but in many cases you might be entitled to compensation for excessive unsolicited text messages and even faxes. At Quantum Legal LLC, our experienced attorneys maintain a special focus on protecting the rights of consumers. From our office in the Chicago area, we serve clients not only in Illinois, but throughout the United States in state and federal courts.

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We Can Put A Stop To Annoying Junk Messages

If you received a text message or fax that you did not request — what's known as an "unsolicited text message" or "unsolicited fax" — then you may have a legal claim against the sender. Unsolicited messages are the equivalent of spam or junk mail.

Unfortunately for many people, they may not realize that many of the "offers" contained in these messages are scams designed to get you to divulge credit card information or your Social Security number.

The law protects you from receiving unsolicited faxes and text messages without your prior permission, and even provides for statutory penalties of up to $1,000 per unsolicited marketing message.

Since 1999, our lawyers have built a lengthy track record of success for victims of all types of consumer fraud. We can put our nationwide network of resources, along with exceptional trial and settlement negotiation experience to work for you.

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