Demilec (USA) LLC and Masco Corp. SEALECTION 500 Spray Polyurethane Insulation Potentially Toxic

Quantum Legal LLC is currently investigating claims for a class action suit against Demilec (USA) LLC and Masco Corporation involving SEALECTION 500 and SEALECTION Agribalance home insulation foams for their potentially toxic polyurethane.

The spray polyurethane foam insulation (SPF), which is manufactured by Texas-based company Demilec, is described on the company's website as "an open cell spray foam that uses water as a blowing agent." Spray-foam insulation products such as SEALECTION 500 are marketed as a "green" way to reduce energy costs for homeowners, but when a product turns toxic it can become a hazard to your and your family's health.

According to the safety data sheet found on Demilec's website, the material used in the spray foam "is classified hazardous under OSHA Hazard Communication Standard," and may be "Irritating to eyes, respiratory system and skin."  Though the product is supposed to lose its toxicity after application, reports have surfaced showing the persistence of polyurethane toxic levels in residents' homes -- even when installed by "certified" professionals. The result is that the spray polyurethane foam insulation often requires removal from the home through costly and damaging methods.  What remains clear is that residents who have used these products could be living in danger in their own homes, and should seek legal help.

If you believe that you or someone you know may have been affected by this toxic spray polyurethane foam insulation sold by Demilec or Masco, please contact us.


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