Junk Fax or Unsolicited Faxes

If you received a FAX that you did not request - what’s known as a 'junk fax' - then you may have a legal claim against the sender of that fax. Junk faxes are a form of telemarketing where unsolicited advertisements are sent via fax transmission. Junk Faxes are the faxed equivalent of spam or junk mail. The law protects you from receiving such faxes without your prior permissions, and the law provides for statutory penalties of up to $1000 per fax

If you are interested in pursuing a claim against the sender/company responsible for the JUNK FAX, then please contact us. Please save a copy of the junk fax, and contact us – at Info@Qulegal.com – so that we may investigate and apprise you of your legal rights and claim.