GM "Cracked Dash"

Quantum Legal is pursuing a putative class action against GM involving the "cracked dash" defect. The litigation is still in the early stages but we are interested in hearing from you if you have experienced a "cracked dash" in your GM vehicle.

NOTE / GM's Bankruptcy: Because of GM's bankruptcy, any purchases or problems on vehicles manufactured before July 10, 2009 have, most likely, been released as part of GM's bankruptcy reorganization. Therefore, our lawsuit is currently focused on vehicles/claims that occurred after July 10, 2009. There is some uncertainty right now as to whether the laws under which GM declared bankruptcy and reorganized provide this type of 'fresh start' for companies.

If you are interested, then please answer the following brief questions in an email to

•1) Your name, phone and state of residence

•2) State where you purchased your GM vehicle;

•3) Type of GM vehicle purchased and vehicle model year;

•4) Name of dealership from whom you purchased;

•5) Did you purchase new or used?

•6) If bought new, date of purchase;

•7) If bought used, did the engine come with GM's manufacturer's warranty?

•8) If bought used, date you purchased;

•9) Did your dash crack during the warranty period?

•10) How many miles were on your car at the time the dash cracked?

•11) Were these problems covered by GM under warranty?

•12) If not covered by warranty, did GM offer to cover any part of the cost to repair, or offer you a "discount" to fix, the dash?

•13) Have you fixed the problem? If so, when?

•14) How much money did you have to pay out of your own pocket, if any?

•15) Have you had similar failure after the warranty expired?

•16) Were these covered by warranty?

We would also like copies of the following documents:

•1. Any and all communications between you and GM and/or a GM dealer,

•2. Receipts (especially if you had your dash fixed),

•3. Pictures of your cracked dash.

We will contact you if we need additional information or are interested in adding you as a named plaintiff. Otherwise, please check back for periodic updates on the status of the litigation.