GE Microwaves - Peeling Paint

Quantum Legal LLC is investigating claims for a class action suit against General Electric ("GE") for microwaves with interior paint that cracks and/or peels off after purchase. This problem with microwaves and microwave ovens is not only unsightly, but could also be a health and/or safety hazard.

There is no known repair for the problem with the GE microwaves aside from fully replacing the unit. Worse, some of the microwave units are "built-in" or attached to the stove, making replacement of the microwave far more expensive for the consumer.

It has further been reported that GE refuses to remedy the problem with the microwaves when consumers contact the company. Instead, GE claims that paint peeling is merely a cosmetic problem with the microwaves, but not a manufacturing issue or warranted defect.

However, this paint peeling issue is not merely cosmetic, it could pose health and/or safety hazards to owners of GE microwaves. When the paint peels off the interior of the unit, it can not only fall onto food being heated or cooked in the microwave, it also exposes the metal underneath. The exposure of metal in the microwave can result in a phenomenon known as "arcing." Arcing occurs when exposed metal on the interior of the microwave sparks or flashes, a potential fire hazard.

If you have a GE microwave that is peeling paint, then please contact us.