Front Load Washing Machines / Mold and Odor Problems Investigation

In the News: Quantum Legal LLC partner Rich Burke talks about moldy front load washers.

Quantum Legal LLC is currently prosecuting class action lawsuits against Sears/Kenmore, Whirlpool, LG, Bosch and other manufacturers of front load or front-loading washing machines due to mold and odor problems. These washing machines are the ideal environment for the buildup of biofilm. These washing machines fail to properly self-clean causing mold and odors thereby ruining clothes and necessitating costly repairs. The moldy front load washers may look like this:

Moldy front-load washing machine 2

Moldy front-load washer 1

If you have a Front-Loading Washing Machine with Mold or Odor Problems or for more information about this problem, please contact us.

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