Quantum Legal LLC wants to work with you and your clients. We regularly work on a referral basis and we enter into reasonable referral relationships that comply with the laws of the states the lawyers are in. With a referral relationship with Quantum Legal LLC, you will get results for your client as well as for yourself.

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Firm Overview

While we may have changed names, at Quantum Legal LLC our commitment to providing excellent representation and earning justice for our clients remains. Founded in 1999 in Chicago, Illinois, we represent consumers, small business, local governments and others across the United States in class action lawsuits, complex multidistrict litigation (MDL) and commercial disputes. Our innovative legal strategies have led to groundbreaking legal decisions affirming those strategies by numerous federal courts of appeals.

In more than a decade of practice, we have obtained hundreds of millions of dollars in consumer fraud cases, product liability cases and other cases in state and federal courts throughout the country. We have taken on companies such as Verizon, Sprint, Ford, H&R Block, UPS and many others and won.

Integrity And Responsibility In Legal Service

We have the resources of a large law firm with the atmosphere that you might expect from a smaller practice. Many of our attorneys started out in larger firms and gained experience and legal knowledge before coming to our firm, formerly known as Complex Litigation Group LLC. We provide a highly sophisticated legal service without the bureaucracy and overhead of a large law firm.

We use that experience in our current practice, while giving our clients more personal attention, allowing us to better serve their needs and interests.

When companies try to take advantage of their customers, it is up to our clients to hold them accountable and to help turn wrong into right. Our firm provides a strong voice for those who have been wronged. We believe that by pursuing these claims through class actions and other forms of complex litigation, we can help make the marketplace a better and more secure place to do business.

Each member of our firm brings a unique background and qualifications to Quantum Legal LLC, yet every member has the same overall goal of excellent client service.

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