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Quantum Legal LLC files class action against UPS

UPS was given a late Christmas present Dec. 27, a potential class-action lawsuit.
A complaint was filed against Atlanta-based United Parcel Service Inc., claiming the
delivery giant "has for years been systematically overcharging customers."  < Read More>

Quantum Legal LLC Obtains Landmark Legal Ruling in Case Against Pella Windows

In a legal environment where courts are more closely scrutinizing class certification decisions, Quantum Legal LLC has not only secured an important and precedent-setting multistate class certification decision, Saltzman et al. v. Pella Corporation, et al., 257 F.R.D. 471 (N.D. Ill. 2009), it defended and protected that decision through two levels of federal appellate review, affirmed, 606 F.3d 391 (7th Cir. 2010), including a decision by the United States Supreme Court that the matter did not merit any further legal review. Pella Corporation, et al. v. Saltzman, et al., No. 10-355 (Jan. 18, 2011). The affirmance of class certification by the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals was, according to the Illinois Construction Law Blog, "the first time the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the certification in a consumer fraud class action." ( ).

On January 18, 2011, the US Supreme Court allowed the Pella class action lawsuit to continue to proceed in the Federal District Court in Chicago as a class action for Pella's "ProLine" series windows. A copy of the Supreme Court's order denying certiorari, as well as an article about the Court's decision can be found at our website:

As you know, this is a significant case potentially affecting millions of Pella customers across the country who have (or had) Pella ProLine windows. Initiated in 2006, it asserts that since 1991 Pella Windows have a design flaw which permits water to seep in behind the aluminum cladding and rot the wood behind that cladding. Pella is charged with consumer fraud because the company knew about the alleged design flaw but failed to inform customers of that flaw.

For ProLine windows, the case is proceeding into the merits phase of the case. For Architect and Designer windows, the case is moving into the class certification stage. As the case proceeds we will continue to send out periodic updates.

If you have product defect claims which you believe might make a good class action, please contact us. Quantum Legal LLC, through its Pella experience, is one of the best situated law firms in the country to assist you in pursuing such a claim.

Quantum Legal LLC Achieves $6.1 Million Settlement for Monroe County and Other Florida Municipalities

Quantum Legal LLC does not just represent consumers - it represents medical providers, medical groups, small businesses, industry trade associations and governmental entities who have been wronged by corporate misdeeds.

Quantum Legal LLC recently obtained an excellent result for several of its county government clients in litigation brought by Quantum Legal LLC client Monroe County, Florida against Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity, and Hotwire ("Online Travel Companies") involving unpaid taxes. This Online Travel case, which was certified as a class action with Quantum Legal LLC appointed as one of class counsel representing over 30 Florida municipalities, received final approval, on January 6, 2011, for a settlement valued at of over $6 million. The case alleged that the Online Travel Companies failed to pay the full amount of taxes owed for hotel rooms rented in Monroe County and the other municipalities in Florida. Quantum Legal LLC, along with other class counsel, negotiated a settlement with the Online Travel Companies to receive 100% of the taxes owed. To learn more about Quantum Legal LLC and our successes, please see our Firm Resume.

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