Current Cases

Trilegiant / TLG - Bogus "Membership Programs"

Quantum Legal LLC is currently prosecuting an omnibus class action against Trilegiant, its parent company Affinion, their partner merchants such as 1-800 Flowers,, and several credit card companies such as Chase for using fraudulent marketing tactics to enroll consumers in various "membership programs," and charging a recurring monthly fee without their proper consent.

While consumers are completing the checkout process after buying goods or services online from merchants such as ,, , and FTD , among others, the consumer may be presented with a pop-up window that appears to come from the online merchant offering an up-front gift, such as a cash back offer. The popup may offer this award and in the very small print indicate it is related to a membership program for a buying discount club that might have a name such as LiveWell, Great Fun, Shopping Essentials, Privacy Guard, Shoppers Advantage, Travelers Advantage, Buyers Advantage, Privacy Guard (or Credit Alert), HealthSaver,, CompleteHome, Great Options, Everyday Values, Auto Advantage, Complete Savings, HealthSaver, Just For Me, Everyday Privileges Gold, IdentitySecure, CardCops, PC SafetyPlus, and Hot-Line.

Even though these offers appear to be made by these online companies, they are in fact made by Trilegiant/Affinion who obtains the consumers' credit card information from these online companies to charge the recurring fees to the consumers' credit card without ever obtaining the consumers' proper consent. The credit card companies, such as Chase, Bank of America, and American Express, repeatedly process these charges despite the credit card fraud alert associated with these charges.

Quantum Legal LLC is proposed co-lead counsel in the cases against Trilegiant and its co-defendants in United States District Court for Connecticut.

Moldy "Front Load" Washing Machines

Quantum Legal LLC is currently prosecuting several class actions against manufacturers of "Front Load" Washing ("FLWs") machines that have an alleged design defect that results in mold buildup and foul odors. ( Click here to see a picture of a Moldy FLW.) ( Click here to see a picture of a Moldy FLW) Quantum Legal LLC currently has class actions pending against Whirlpool, Kenmore, LG, Bosch, GE, and Miele.

Quantum Legal LLC is also investigating cases against other manufacturers, including Samsung, Maytag (machines purchased after 2004), and Frigidaire for Mold and Odor problems in their FLWs. These machines fail to self-clean and develop mold and odors. These machines also require a high level of maintenance consisting of running extra empty cycles and purchasing additional cleaning products (such as "Affresh") to help reduce the Mold and/or Odor problem.

The Ohio Federal District Court (Judge Gwin) presiding over the Whirlpool Multi-District Litigation certified a statewide (Ohio) class of people who own Whirlpool FLWs, and on May, 3, 2012, the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit affirmed Judge Gwin's certification of the Ohio Class.

Motions to certify additional state classes are pending, as are motions to certify classes in LG and Kenmore.

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Medical Reimbursement Class Actions

Reducing "Usual Customary Reasonable" Payments

Allstate Insurance Company/UCR Litigation

Quantum Legal LLC is proposed lead counsel in proposed class action lawsuit challenging Allstate Insurance Company's reduction of medical expense reimbursements submitted by medical providers to Allstate. Allstate accomplishes this reduction by using allegedly biased Mitchell "Decision Point" software. Widoff D.C. et al. v. Encompass Ins. Company of America, Allstate Ins. Co and Mitchell Int'l, Inc., No. 10-cv-8159 (N.D. Ill.).

Allstate and other insurance companies use this software to chisel reimbursement payments to medical providers and insured persons. In March 2012, Judge Hibbler denied Allstate's motion to dismiss the contract count.

Quantum Legal LLC is also investigating cases against other auto insurance companies. If your medical reimbursements were reduced, please contact us at

Group Health Out-of-Network/UCR Litigation

Quantum Legal LLC has long been at the forefront of litigation against the insurance industry's use of flawed and fraudulent computerized fee programs such as Ingenix. Many group health insurers used allegedly biased Ingenix data to calculate "usual and customary" (UCR) reimbursement deductions for out-of-network treatment, and to cheat patients and medical providers out of money.

Quantum Legal LLC is currently involved in UCR Group Health cases against Aetna, Wellpoint and Cigna, among others. E.g., In re: Aetna UCR Litigation, MDL No. 2020, 07-cv-3541-FSH (D.N.J.); In re Wellpoint Inc. Out-of-Network "UCR" Rates Litigation, MDL 2074, 09-ml-2074-PSG (C.D. C.A.).

Human Rights Litigation

Holocaust Litigation :

Quantum Legal LLC is proposed Co-Lead Counsel in actions against various Hungarian Banks and the national railroad of Hungary on behalf of Jewish victims and survivors of the Holocaust.

The action against the Hungarian banks alleges that the defendants breached their fiduciary duty to their Jewish depositors and aided and abetted in depriving the Jewish community of their assets. The Plaintiffs seek a full accounting, disclosure, disgorgement and restitution by the banks. Holocaust Victims of Bank Theft v. Magyar Nemzeti Bank et al., No. 10-cv-01884 (N.D. Ill.) ("Hungarian Banks").

The action against the Hungarian Railroad alleges that the defendant aided and abetted the Nazi genocide of 1944 and looted Jewish passengers of their possessions. The Plaintiffs seek compensation, restitution, reparations and damages. Victims of the Hungarian Holocaust v. The Hungarian State Railways (MAV), No. 10-cv-00868 (N.D. Ill.) ("Hungarian Railways").

In May, July and August 2011, the Court denied, respectively, the Hungarian Bank defendants' motions to dismiss, the Hungarian Railroad's motion to dismiss and the Banks' motion to reconsider. The case is currently pending before the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit on interlocutory appeal filed by the Hungarian defendants, which heard oral argument in January 2012.

Genocide Victims of Krajina, Croatia: "Operation Storm"

Quantum Legal LLC is proposed Co-Lead counsel in actions against L-3 Communications Corp. and its wholly owned private military contractor Military Professional Resources, Inc. for its role in facilitating and aiding and abetting the massacre of tens of thousands of civilians in the Krajina region of Croatia in 1994. Genocide Victims of Krajina v. L-3 Services, Inc., 10-cv-5197 (N.D. Ill.). In August 2011, Northern District of Illinois Judge Ruben Castillo denied L3's motion to dismiss or transfer venue.

"Tri-Previfem" Birth Control Pills

Quantum Legal LLC is proposed lead counsel in a class action against Endo Pharmaceuticals on behalf of women who: purchased Tri-Previfem birth control pills that were recalled due to a packaging defect, but were not reimbursed for the purchase price of the recalled pills. Zubrick v. Endo Pharmaceuticals, et al., No. 11-cv-8543 (N.D. Ill.).

Effexor XR Antitrust Litigation

Quantum Legal LLC was recently appointed by United States District Judge Pisano, District of New Jersey, to the Executive Committee for indirect purchasers in the Effexor Antitrust Lawsuit: In re Effexor XR Antitrust Litigation, No. 11-cv-5590-JAP (D.N.J). The Effexor suit challenges the way Effexor's manufacturer Wyeth used patents to attempt to delay the entry of generic competition.

If you took Effexor, you may have paid too much for your prescription and you might have a claim. We would like to hear from you to determine whether your claim might make you a suitable witness or class representative. Please contact us at

Western Union - Failed Money Transfers

Quantum Legal LLC is Rule 23(g) Interim Lead Counsel in a putative class action against Western Union for its practice of waiting many years before attempting to return money transfers sent through its system when the recipient of the money never claimed the funds. Quantum Legal LLC successfully defeated multiple motions to dismiss and a motion to compel arbitration brought by Western Union. The case is currently on appeal with the Tenth Circuit regarding the arbitration motion. Tennille v. The Western Union Co., No. 09-cv-00938-JLK (D. Colo.).

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"Immune Boosting" Vitamin Supplement Products

Emergen-C, Ester-C, CVS "Airshield"

Quantum Legal LLC ("Quantum Legal LLC") has successfully brought lawsuits against companies marketing vitamin and dietary supplements that purport to boost immune systems or act as preventing flu, colds and other like-symptoms, when they possess no scientific evidence in support of these assertions, but rather are modern day snake oil. Quantum Legal LLC helped secure a large settlement for class members in the CVS "Airshield" Litigation, Finley et al. v. CVS Pharmacy, 08-L-616 (St. Clair County, Ill.) and is currently prosecuting claims involving "Emergen-C," see Gianino v. Alacer Corporation, 09-cv-01247-CJC (C.D. Calif.) and Ester C, Hodjat v. The Ester C Company, 11-cv-10656-PSG (C.D. Calif.).

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"100% Natural"

Quantum Legal LLC is co-counsel in a putative class action against Tropicana Products, Inc. that alleges that Tropicana's "100% pure and natural" orange juice is, in fact, not 100% natural as it is allegedly heavily processed, designed and flavored. Lynch v. Tropicana Products, Inc., 11-cv-7382-DMC (D.N.J.).