Early Contract Termination Fee Attorney

Chicago Consumer Rights Lawyer Fighting Unfair Charges of Early Termination Fees

It has become a common practice of many cell phone companies, cable and satellite TV companies, and other subscription services to charge early termination fees when their customers cancel their contracts. These fees and penalties are not necessarily legal, however, and consumers who have been charged these early termination fees for canceling their services may be able to get them back in class action litigation.

See the Waudby v. Verizon Wireless Services LLC Complaint and Order appointing Quantum Legal LLC as one of Rule 23(g) counsel
See the Order affirming class certification in Sprint case.
See the Order by the Illinois Supreme Court in Kinkel v. Cingular.

At the law firm of Quantum Legal LLC, in Chicago, Illinois, we have handled many cases involving nationwide companies that charge early termination fees. We know how to fight for the rights of consumers against these illegal cancellation fees. Since 1999, our attorneys have represented clients in class action lawsuits and complex litigation. Our goals are for you to receive adequate compensation and to make the marketplace a more honest place to do business.

If you were charged an early termination fee for canceling your service contract, contact us at Quantum Legal LLC and talk with us about your situation and your rights. Call toll free at 866-779-9610 to get started.

Cell Phone Companies and Other Products

At Quantum Legal LLC, we have been involved with many notable cases of early termination fees charged by cell phone companies and by companies with other products and services. These cases involve companies such as DIRECTV, AT&T, Cingular Wireless, Sprint and Verizon Wireless, among others.

Many of these companies rationalize their use of early termination fees by saying that they must impose the fees to recover the cost of subsidizing phones, handsets, satellite dishes and other equipment. However, these fees are often excessive and restrict their customers' ability to switch services once they have signed a contract. If these early termination fees are not paid by the consumers, cases can end up in collection proceedings, harming their credit ratings.

We have the knowledge and the resources necessary to help customers find recourse for paying early termination fees to these companies. Our firm will hold companies accountable for imposing illegal and unfair penalties onto consumers that limit consumer choice and put customers at a disadvantage in the open marketplace.

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Many companies who charge early termination fees are already in pending litigation, and other companies may soon be in class action litigation for these illegal practices. Contact a lawyer at Quantum Legal LLC and speak with us about your rights to compensation if you have been assessed these fees for canceling your service. Call us nationwide, toll free at 866-779-9610.