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Many cell phone and wireless telephone carriers have unfairly charged their customers early termination fees for canceling their contracts prematurely. Recently, there have been many class action lawsuits that have investigated complaints regarding early termination fees, including lawsuits that have been completed or are pending against companies such as AT&T, Cingular Wireless, Verizon Wireless and Sprint. When cell phone companies charge these penalties, it limits the amount of choice that consumers have over their wireless service and unfairly penalizes them.

At the law firm of Quantum Legal LLC, in Chicago, Illinois, we have been involved with many class action lawsuits and other types of complex litigation involving cell phone companies who charged early termination fees to their customers. Our attorneys understand the anger and frustration that customers feel after being charged considerable amounts of money for canceling their cellular phone service, even when the cancellations were due to inadequate service and dropped calls. Since 1999, we have protected the rights of consumers in the United States and we can help you protect your rights against unfair business practices.

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Early Termination Penalties from Cell Phone Carriers

Most cell phone companies require customers to abide by their customer service agreements. Sometimes, these agreements cannot be modified by customers, who often consent to them either by activating service or when signing up for a cellular service contract.

Some of these companies include, as a condition of service, a clause that requires any subscriber to pay an early termination fee if they wish to end the service before the contract period has expired. Since these contract periods are typically for a period of one or two years, subscribers are locked into the contract for a substantial period of time. Early termination fees may also be assessed if the company terminates the agreement for nonpayment by the customer.

Often, these penalties do not vary during the term of the contract and are applied even if the cancellation is the result of inadequate or non-existent service provided by the cell phone company. The customer will have to pay the full cancellation fee whether the contract is canceled early into the contract or on the day before the expiration. These fees are not reasonable and discourage competition in the wireless industry.

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