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Bogus or unauthorized credit card charges for clubs or memberships you never signed up for?

In the News: Quantum Legal LLC partner Jeff Leon talks about unauthorized charges for clubs and memberships.

Quantum Legal LLC is currently investigating claims by people who have found recurring charges on their credit card bills for "clubs" or "memberships" that they never signed up for.

Quantum Legal LLC is specifically investigating such claims involving the business practices of Trilegiant/Affinion and  Vertrue who appear to use marketing tactics to enroll consumers in a membership program and charge a monthly fee without their proper consent.

The issue seems to arise when consumers are completing the checkout process after buying goods or services online from merchants such as 1800Flowers.com, Classmates.com, Hotwire.com, AirTrans Holdings, Continental Airlines, Barnes & Noble, Buy.com, Ticketmaster.com, Avon.com, Budget, Staples.com, GMAC Mortgage, Travelocity, Expedia/Hotel.com, Columbia House, GameStop/EB Games, FTD, Intelius, Movietickets.com, Orbitz, Shutterfly, Inc., US Airways, Vistaprint USA, Redcats USA, and Pizza Hut.

In the middle of this checkout process, the consumer may be presented with a pop-up window that appears to come from the online merchant offering an up-front gift, such as a cash back offer. The popup may offer this award and in the very small print indicate it is related to a membership program for a buying discount club that might have a name such as LiveWell, Great Fun, Shopping Essentials, Privacy Guard, Shoppers Advantage, Travelers Advantage, Buyers Advantage, Privacy Guard (or Credit Alert), HealthSaver, Netmarket.com, CompleteHome, Great Options, Everyday Values, Auto Advantage, Complete Savings, HealthSaver, Just For Me, Everyday Privileges Gold, IdentitySecure, CardCops, PC SafetyPlus, and Hot-Line.

Even though these offers appear to be made by these online companies, they are in fact made by Trilegiant/Affinion or Vertrue who obtains the consumers' credit card information from these online companies to charge the recurring fees to the consumers' credit card without ever obtaining the consumers' proper consent.

If you or someone you know has been charged mysterious monthly recurring fees on your credit card after making purchases at any of the online companies, please contact us.

To read the Complaint challenging these illegal practices, please click here.


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