Attorney Referrals

We welcome referrals from our fellow attorneys of class action and other complex litigation. Whether you wish to "partner" with us or provide a straight referral, Quantum Legal LLC provides referral fees to referring attorneys within the statutes and ethical guidelines of their respective states and jurisdictions and in accordance with the Rules of Professional Conduct of the State Bar of Illinois. These fees are at no additional cost to the client, but rather come out of the fees we earn.

Many attorneys refer cases to us with complete confidence, knowing we have extensive experience in handling difficult and complex plaintiffs' cases. Our Chicago and St. Louis-based attorneys have successfully litigated many types of class action cases nationwide, including: defective products, consumer fraud, claims against insurance companies, and antitrust cases. We pride ourselves on our excellent relationship with other members of the Bar who trust us to litigate their most complex and challenging matters.

Our practice is focused entirely on helping plaintiffs. With our extensive knowledge, training, and nationwide practice, Quantum Legal LLC attorneys are the obvious choice for a class action referral. If you would like more information about our successes, please review our firm resume.  If you are interested in working with the attorneys at Quantum Legal LLC, please contact us.