Air Methods - Unreasonably Priced Emergency Helicopter Transport

Quantum Legal has filed cases against Air Methods Corporation and Rocky Mountain Holdings, LLC related to the costs of emergency helicopter transport to a hospital.

Air Methods is a for-profit emergency helicopter medical transportation provider which has allegedly benefited from price gouging strategies. Air Methods charges unreasonably high prices for its services that bear no reasonable relationship to its costs or to the price charged by the rest of the market, sometimes as much as 400% more. Each flight can cost anywhere from five thousand dollars to nearly fifty thousand dollars. According to Research 360, an independent research firm, the average cost of a bill from Air Methods increased from an average of $13,198 in 2007 to $40,766 in 2014. During this period, the company's net income tripled from $27.5 million to $99.4 million.

If you or someone you know received medical transportation services from Air Methods, please contact us.