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Class Action And Complex Litigation Attorneys Serving Plaintiffs Nationwide

Quantum Legal LLC brings together a select team of attorneys with years of experience to the cause of holding large corporations and organizations accountable to individuals and small businesses.

For 15 years, our Chicago-area law firm has remained at the forefront of plaintiff class action lawsuits and complex litigation with innovative approaches. We have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation for clients across the United States and Canada from Fortune 500 companies such as Allstate, JPMorgan Chase, Ford Motor Company, Verizon, UPS and many others.

Pioneers In Our Field, Putting Our Experience To Work For You

Quantum Legal LLC has adapted to a challenging legal environment to remain a national leader in class actions and complex litigation. Our lawyers pioneered the large class action lawsuit filed in state courts on behalf of individuals nationwide and then helped lay the foundation for the modern federal class action lawsuit. Our lawyers also have a deep experience in representing businesses small and large in complicated legal disputes. Our experience, size and entrepreneurial spirit provide us tremendous flexibility to offer our services on a contingency, fee for service hourly, or blended contingency/hourly basis.

Today, the lawyers in our firm are actively representing clients throughout the country in all types of litigation, including:

  • Consumer fraud and antitrust cases that involve corporations that have taken advantage of their customers
  • Insurance fraud, including those related to auto insurance, title insurance, ERISA coverage and health insurance claims
  • Defective products that cause you physical or financial harm, including prescription drugs, home appliances, motor vehicles and medical devices
  • Truck and bus litigation that involves defective engines or parts on buses or trucks
  • Commercial disputes on behalf of small-business owners involving breach of contract, antitrust/unfair competition, fraud and other legal issues
  • International human rights litigation on behalf of Hungarian survivors of the Holocaust and survivors of the 1994 Krajina massacre in the Balkans

Our work has led us to be appointed by numerous federal courts throughout the country as lead and co-lead counsel in numerous significant class action lawsuits. We are proud of our lawyers being a driving force for good in a world where the consumer is often left at the mercy of faceless corporations. Our lawyers are committed to cases that will have a strong impact on our daily lives and will help make the marketplace a more honest place for consumers.

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